Ten Years Of Enlightened Bliss

An Apology

Dear CRAP members and supporters,

Shalom Chaverim!

I know that many of you are angry with me for not updating the holy CRAP web site for such a long time. I have left you stranded, without the spiritual guidance that you have come to rely upon. But with the tenth anniversary of the holy November 4, 1995 date approaching, I could not let you down any longer. So please accept my sincerest apology. That is to say, forgive and forget!

What A Year!

It's been a great year, and we have much to thankful for, praised be Rabin! After all, "Every time that the Israeli Government transfers territory to non-Jewish sovereignty is also a day of rejoicing." The orange-shirted-fascists were driven out of their homes by the holy New Middle East Defense Force. We turned those rich farmers into poor homeless beggars, ha, ha, ha! It was great seeing our peace loving Arab friends burning those synagogues, although it is a shame that we did not do it ourselves. After all, the New Middle East has no place for such archaic relics!

The Blitzkrieg Must Continue

Yes, it has been a great year, but there are still a lot of settlements to be destroyed, graves to be uprooted, and synagogues to be burned. We must not be complacent. The future of the New Middle East and enlightened democracy is at stake. March forward, O soldiers of CRAP! Drive the settlers from their homes, destroy their houses, uproot their graves, burn their synagogues! Raise the banner of The Church of Rabin And Peace high!


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