The "Shas" Syndrome or "Why Don't They Appreciate All That We Have Done For Them?"

Shas: A Slap in Our Face

I just do not understand all those Sephardic Jews! After all of the good things that we have done for them they go form their own political party(Shas) with its own educational system(Maayan Hachinuch Hatorani). Instead of watching television, they go to hear Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak say nasty things about our schools and society. Why don't they appreciate all that we have done for them?

How To Be a Good Jew

When they came here in droves after the founding of the state we did our best to absorb them and to free them from their primitive ways. We taught them that to be a good Jew it is enough to have secular Zionist ideals: to live in Israel, to speak Hebrew, and to serve in the army. If you really want to be a Tzaddik then you can go live in a kibbutz or in a far-flung settlement in the middle of the desert. Who needs all of that old-fashioned Torah and Mitzvot?

Of course The Church of Rabin and Peace (CRAP) is busy re-educating the Sephardim as well as the rest of Israel. Now we say "Who needs all those anachronistic Zionist ideals? The main thing is to make a buck." Post-zionism is here to stay!

Benny Elbaz sings to Rabbi Arye Deri: Hu zakai, Huuuuuuuuuuuu Zakaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai

Civilizing the "Arse"

We taught them modern hygiene and how to eat with a knife and a fork. We sent them to raise their large families in small apartments in the remote development towns. We sent them to spy and die in enemy Arab countries. We filled their Shabbat with Kadureggel instead of Torah study. We introduced them to real music: Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart, Handel, etc. Enough of that whining Middle Eastern music with its maqamim! We taught them how to mispronounce the gutteral letters of the Hebrew alphabet so that people would think that they are Ashkenazim. We sent them to schools that left them illiterate and taught them to detest their primitive parents and grandparents. We filled our jails with their young men, and our brothels with their young women. We gave them nice nicknames: Chakh-chakhim, Arsim, Morokai-sakin and yes, even Niggers.

The Height of "Chutzpah"

And after all of this good they go and form Shas! They want their own schools! They want to cling to a culture 3000 years old instead of a culture that changes every five minutes! Chutzpah! Talk about being ungrateful!


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