Raanan Shaked

Winner of The Church of Rabin And Peace Award

The Church of Rabin And Peace would like to honor Mr. Raanan Shaked. There are those who say that the CRAP spiritual advisory board is an elitist group, that we only honor high ranking generals and politicians that hold important positions. To prove our detractors wrong, we have chosen to take a third-rate journalist, Mr. Raanan Shaked, and to propel him like a katusha rocket from the gutter of New Middle Eastern obscurity to the heights of international fame and renown: to be a Church of Rabin And Peace Award laureate!

Mr. Raanan Shaked, infuriated that Israeli President Moshe Katzav reduced Margalit Har-Shefi's prison sentence by one third, made a great contribution to the Church of Rabin And Peace by expressing his displeasure an op-ed piece which appeared on July, 18, 2001 in y-net. We at the Church of Rabin And Peace were filled with great satisfaction when we read this article. It expresses the high level of piety and zealousness that a member of the enlightened public can reach. Mr. Shaked's article, Tomatoes and Rotten Eggs, is a classic piece of enlightened propaganda. It should be taught in every school and learned by heart by every citizen in the New Middle East. We've translated certain choice parts of this masterpiece into the English language, for those of you who are not well versed in our primitive Semitic tongue.

Yitzchak Rabin Is Not To Blame

In this article, Raanan Shaked sets down one of the cornerstones of our faith:
"Yitzchak Rabin, may his memory be blessed, is not to blame and never was, for the security situation...that Israel has arrived at since he was murdered."
Amen! The fact that he gave myriads of weapons to known killers and the fact he ignored the warnings of the intelligence community that these weapons would be used to kill his countrymen is totally irrelevant! Our master Rabin is not to blame! Shaked's expression of faith is especially important in light of the heresy that formerly enlightened journalist Amnon Dankner has been writing with regards to our master and the holy Oslo Accords.

Our Few Remaining Values

Raanan Shaked expressed the feelings of the enlightened public by writing the following:
"The President's decision was, in practice, one: to throw tomatoes and rotten eggs in my face...and in the face of all those that the memory of Yitzchak Rabin is still engraved in an honorable place in the list of their few particular values..."
"I, as a secular, liberal, and leftist Ashkenazi, admit that I hold very few values as holy, or even important. The memory of Rabin and the guilt of his murderers is one of the few solitary values that are dear to my heart."
It is very important to stress that although only one man pulled the trigger, we hold all of the enemies of peace responsible for our master's murder.

He Is Not Our President

Raanan writes further:
"But this does not make a difference at all to Moshe Katzav. Moshe Katzav is ready, willing, and in practice happy to spit on one of my most important and solitary values...He does not have the ability, the sensitivity, or the ability to be my president, and certainly not everyone's president."

A Call To Action

Enough talk! Raanan Shaked demands action!
"The saddest thing is that as for now, it does not seem that there is a group of people that Yitzchak Rabin's memory is still dear in their eyes that is able to bring itself to any substantial organization to protest the decision. A demonstration in front of the President's house is the minimum that we should produce. "
The Church of Rabin And Peace says to all of the above, "Amen!" So come on kids! Let's protest! Don't forget your candles, guitars, and Aviv Gefen songbooks!

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