In The Wake Of Sharon's Election

The Tehran/Aswan Government

The special elections for Prime Minister have left the enlightened public in shambles. We watch in fear as the Tehran/Aswan government materializes before our eyes. We are devastated by the fact that "Mussolini" has taken power after his Temple Mount putsch. We are embarrassed by the political vultures who circled over a defeated Ehud Barak, waiting in glee for the chance to descend upon the political corpse of Israel's most decorated soldier.

Prepare The Bomb Shelters

We warned the public but our pleas fell upon deaf ears. Now we must prepare for the worst. We must prepare the bomb shelters. For those of the enlightened public who still have not bought their own villa, this is a good chance to make the dossim among your neighbors take their sukkot out of the miklat. That'll teach them for voting Sharon!

Keep the Faith!

I beg of Church of Rabin And Peace members to keep the faith. We all know that we were so close to achieving peace with our neighbors. It was only a matter of a little more land, a few more weapons, and admission of a few million refugees to our little corner of the New Middle East. The public did not rejects us. The problem is that we must work harder to educate the public, to enlighten them, to free them from any primitive, emotional attachments that they may have to Jerusalem. I am sure that that is part of what Prime Minister Barak had in mind with his secular revolution, and why he felt that Yossi Sarid was the best Education Minister that we ever had. How did Ehud put it? "We lost the battle, but we shall win the war."

If you will it, it is not a dream!

Wishing you all the traditional Shalom Chaver blessing,

Rev. CaRl APpelbaum, President for Life of The Church of Rabin And Peace


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