Amram Mitzna

Winner of The Church of Rabin And Peace Award

The Church of Rabin And Peace would like to honor the Mayor of Haifa, Mr. Amram Mitzna. Amram Mitzna was born in 1945 in Kibbutz Dovrat. He holds B.A. in Geography and M.A. in Political Science from Haifa University. Amram Mitzna served 25 years in the IDF which included action in the Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War(whose anniversary our Egyptian friends celebrate every year and prefer to call the October War). Mr. Mitzna rose in rank until he became the General of the Central Region Command. General Mitzna came to be known as "General Intifada" by the enlightened public and "General Shalom Achshav" by the enemies of peace. General Amram Mitzna became world renowned for his dismal failure in dealing with the intifada when it first broke out.

Mr. Amram Mitzna made a big contribution to the Church of Rabin And Peace by showing our spiritual side in an op-ed piece which appeared in y-net in honor of the fifth anniversary of our master's death. Among other gems, Mr. Mitzna wrote the following in his article If He(Rabin) Were Still Alive:

"I, for example, since the murder(of Rabin) and in spite of the murder, continue to ask his advice, discuss and take counsel with him, as in the past when I was a (regional) Command General and he was the Minister of Security, as in the days when he was already the Prime Minister and I Mayor(of the city Haifa)."

In other words Amram Mitzna, the former kibbutznik, can communicate with the dead! Not only do the forces of darkness have people who claim supernatural powers! All those claims that we are materialistic, permissive, egoistic pleasure seekers have been proven false! It is good to know that if a war breaks out(which cannot happen since we love peace and are willing to pay any price for it) that the army has Baba Amram in the reserves. He can consult the great deceased generals of the past like Moshe Dayan, Yigal Yadin, and our master Rabin in order to help the IDF devise the very best strategy! Mr. Mitzna can also be a big hit on his many trips abroad, demonstrating his supernatural powers, like fellow Israeli Uri Geller.

Therefore, we proudly bestow upon Amram Mitzna The Church of Rabin And Peace Award.

If you would like to congratulate Mr. Mitzna, send him an email at .

CRAP Update January, 2003: Mitzna is running for Prime Minister!

The cream rises to the top! Maaminim Becha Mitzna! We believe in you, Mitzna! This is our holy election campaign slogan! Press here to see an exciting video of our master Yitzchak Rabin ZT"L thanking Mitzna for his great contribution to the IDF!

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