Mount Herzl is in Our Hands!

Mount Herzl is in our hands! The once apolitical home of the Theodore Herzl Museum(dedicated to the founder of the now defunct Zionist movement), Herzl's tomb, the tombs of IDF soldiers that died in the line of duty, and other national figures has been conquered by us, the Israeli Left. We have decorated the entrance with pictures of our slain master, Yitzchak Rabin. All those who visit Mt. Herzl, whether to learn about the defunct Zionist movement or whether to visit the grave of a fallen loved one, are forced to pass our photo exhibit! This is truly an example of great propoganda. Goebbels would have been proud!

Yitzchak and Leah Rabin

Here is one of the pictures that we hung at the entrance to Har Herzl. It's a beautiful picture of our master and his wife. The reflected sunlight makes it hard to discern our master's image, and even gives the impression that a halo emanates from his visage! Remarkable!

Rabin's Grave

Here is a picture of our master's grave. The grave is a fantastic piece of real estate, surrounded by lush greenery, not far away from Jerusalem's fashionable Bayit Vegan neighborhood. The gravestone is comprised of two slabs of marble, one white and one black. The white marble is symbolic of all that is good i.e. all those who supported Rabin's policies(light-skinned-college-educated-Ashkenazi-Jews, Israeli Arabs, and the PLO). The black slab is symbolic of the evil enemies of peace (like the swarthy Moroccan Jews who vote for the Likud and Shas in spite of all of the good that we have done for them, the black-hatted-ultra-orthodox-parasites, and the knitted-kipah-wearing-nitwits).


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