Freedom of Speech in Israel: The Middle East's Enlightened Democracy

Freedom of Speech: A Foundation of Democracy

We hold these truths to be self evident: Without freedom of speech democracy cannot thrive. If an individual or a group cannot freely express themselves, when the right of protest is denied, if the mass media is not open to a variety of ideas and opinions, the result is not only the end of democracy, but the beginning of intellectual stagnation.

Freedom of Speech For the Enlightened Elite

However, we at The Church of Rabin And Peace (CRAP) and those who are of our ilk understand that too much freedom of speech is dangerous. For example, if we were to allow equal time on television and radio for those who disagree with us, they would probably influence many of the weak-minded. If we were to let Arutz 7 broadcast unmolested, or if we were to allow Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak to speak on television, many would leave the way of enlightenment and regress back to the Dark Ages.

Such a situation would clearly put the State of Israel, the Middle East's enlightened democracy, in danger. Therefore, we work hard at preserving our freedom of speech while stifling the opinions of others. Our activities range from sending the police to smash the computers at the Arutz 7 internet site in the light of day, to more subtle, covert, and sublime activities. Take a look at this beautiful picture:

A poster defaced by the forces of goodness, light, and democracy.

The enemies of peace dared to advertise their protest against the policies of our enlightened leader, Mr. Ehud Barak, student of our master and martyr, Mr. Yitzchak Rabin. They pasted up posters all over Israel saying "Yes to settlement, no to uprooting (settlements)." Then in large, bold letters their poster announces "A GIANT DEMONSTRATION." To add insult to injury, they wanted to hold the demonstration in Kikar Malchei Yisrael, which we renamed to Kikar Rabin, after our master was slain there. I ask you, dear and enlightened visitor of The Church of Rabin And Peace (CRAP) web site: Did the enemies of peace really expect us to restrain ourselves while they plan to trample our holy courtyard?

Power To The Elite!

So, to make a long story short, even though Mr. Barak was at Camp David in the United States, the long and strong arm of Israel's most decorated soldier could still be felt here in Israel! His supporters, men of real valor and strength, painted over the offensive posters with white paint. Freedom of speech belongs to the enlightened, and not to the enemies of peace! Power to the elite, right on!


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