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This is the home page of the New Middle East's progressive, dynamic and egalitarian human rights advocacy group.

Did you every want to join the "Rabbis For Human Rights" but you couldn't because you're not a rabbi?

Did you ever want to join the "Physicians for Human Rights" but were refused membership since you did not even finish high school?

Don't despair! All is not lost! You too can be an enlightened human rights activist. The Church of Rabin And Peace (CRAP) has formed a human rights advocacy group for you, the wannabee self-styled human rights activist. Our group is called CRAPpers For Human Rights.


Membership is free. Our only precondition is that all CRAPpers For Human Rights accept upon themselves the tenets of the Church of Rabin And Peace.


CRAPper Alert! CRAPper Alert! CRAPper Alert! CRAPper Alert!

A Red Crescent ambulance was abducted at a post-Zionist Entity Force checkpoint east of Ramallah on March 27, 2002, at approximately 10:00 AM. Islam Jibril, a peaceful Tanzim terrorist, born in 1971 and resident of the holy Balata refugee camp, was arrested. He was the ambulance's driver. The incident was filmed and you can see it by clicking here. (The file is 1.1 megabytes.)

CRAPpers, how can you enjoy the taste of food when you know that poor Islam Jibril is rotting away in a New Middle Eastern jail? CRAPpers, protest this grave violation of human rights! If you are living in the U.S. write your Congressperson. If you are living in England write a letter to The Guardian. If you are living in France write a letter to Le Monde. If you are living in an Arab country grab a placard bearing the picture of your local Dictator and hit the streets!

Report Human Rights Violations

If you were a witness to a violation of human rights in the New Middle East, and the victim was not an enemy of peace, you can report it to CRAPpers For Human Rights.


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