The Israeli High Court of Justice - The Bagatz

A Tool of the Enlightened

Here it is! The Holy of Holies! In this building with the symbolic dunce-cap-shaped-protrusion sits the Israeli High Court of Justice, the Bagatz. This is the tool that we, the enlightened, intelligent, and progressive minority, use to force our ways on the forces of darkness in general, and the enemies of peace in particular.

The Israeli High Court of Justice - The Bagatz

Judicial Creativity

This ivory tower of humanism is a beacon of judicial creativity. Murderers with blood on their hands will be set free because the court "does not interfere with political decisions." However, if someone dares try to close the holy Orient House, the court will prevent it, because in the words of the most honorable chief justice Aharon Barak "Hakol shafit"(everything is justiciable).

Showing the "Dos" Who's Boss

In this modern Tower of Babel mortal men will wage war against God. Shabbat desecraters, chazir eaters, those who copulate with niddot, and a token Arab will put the Torah through judicial review. They will decide if giving a child a brit is proper, and how people will pray at the Western Wall.

A State of All Its Citizens

This court will help us rid the State of Israel of any sign of Jewishness. Together we will change Israel from a Jewish State to "a state of all its citizens." This is our agenda, and we are proud of it!

A Warning

This is our fortress of freedom! We must defend it at any cost! Whoever says anything against our holy Israeli High Court of Justice or its judges will be harassed, ostracized, dehumanized, demonized, and/or imprisoned! Don't say that we didn't warn you!


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