Shlomit Amichai

Winner of The Church of Rabin And Peace Award

The Church of Rabin And Peace would like to honor the Education Ministry Director-General, Ms. Shlomit Amichai.

Ms. Amichai took a courageous stand for free speech and democracy by banning Mr. Yisrael Shiran from teaching in our schools(even though she later rescinded her decision because of pressure from the enemies of peace). Mr. Yisrael Shiran authored a petition asking the Minister of Education not to require teaching the legacy of our holy master, Yitzchak Rabin. He claimed that "At this difficult time for Israel, in which we all realize that Rabin is responsible for the terrible situation in which we find our state, Rabin's legacy must be seen as one of surrender...Rabin the man and his legacy should no longer be a subject to study by the public in general and especially not the education system." This Shiran guy circulated his petition while we were in the middle of the fifth anniversary of our master's death. Chutzpah!

Ms. Amichai understood that enlightened parents would not want a man capable of saying such heresy teaching their children. Who knows what impact such a person could make on our children's gentle souls?!

Therefore, we proudly bestow upon Shlomit Amichai The Church of Rabin And Peace Award.

Shlomit Amichai CRAP Update

March 8, 2001 (Arutz 7)- Education Minister Limor Livnat assumed her office , and immediately informed Director-General Shlomit Amichai that her duties would soon be terminated. Livnat asked Amichai, an appointee of former Education Minister Yossi Sarid of Meretz, to remain in her post until her successor is chosen.

April 9, 2001 (Arutz 7)-Teacher Yisrael Shiran has sued the Education Ministry and its former Director-General, Shlomit Amichai, for suspending him last November....

Shiran's suit, submitted by Atty. Nitzana Darshan-Leitner, claims that the suspension was illegal, unauthorized, and instigated only by Amichai's disagreement with Shiran's political views. Shiran maintains that his reputation was permanently besmirched both by the suspension and by things Amichai and other Education Ministry officials said about him in the media. They called him a delinquent, said that he incited others to violate the law, and even accused him of threatening Amichai over the phone.

Shiran demands 250,000 shekels in damages and a letter of apology from the Education Ministry to be sent to all its teachers.

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